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  • Internship in MNC
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Chirag Arora

8 Years SEO Expert

He is a consultant and Search Engine Optimization expert from Delhi with more than 8 years of experience. At present, works on 1000+ websites for on page and off page SEO like Google panda, penguin, etc.

Additionally handling 500+ websites as SEO manager. Hence, helping you explore your complete knowledge and enhance your skills in SEO training.

SEO Training Course Overview

SEO training is the program offered to let you learn the basic concepts of improving websites ranking. It is an approach to boost ranking of site using frequently used keywords and other SEO parameters.

Search Engine Optimization is the simplified term, which is used to describe the group of processes for optimizing a website for search engines. It is the best way to expand the credibility of a website and increase the awareness of brand.

SEO Course Details

Two Major Components of SEO Training

SEO is a domain, which includes use of relevant and frequently searched keywords for making maximum exposure of the product or website. There are two main SEO strategies that help to improve ranking of website:

On-Page SEO“On-site” SEO is an act of incorporating the SEO strategies within own website. Thus, it involves applying all the techniques within the same website to increase its reachability. Some of the major concerns for on site SEO include:

  • Creating Valuable links
  • Guest blogging On sites
  • Posting links on social media

Off-Page SEO“Off-site” SEO focuses on increasing the demands of user’s domain through the act of getting links from other web pages. It involves creating maximum number of back links, which direct to the main website. The major parameters for off-site SEO include:

  • Optimized description and titles
  • Implement proper interface
  • Fast loading of web pages
  • Optimized images & internal links
  • Google Authority verified for all pages

Which One is more important?

On-page and off-page SEO work together for improving users search engine rank in complementary style. Off-page SEO indicates how the world i.e. other websites and users observe the specific website. It is just as a social bookmark to reach audience searching for a common goal. Similarly, on site helps you to promote whole website, using its own links. Thus, we can conclude that both on-page and off-page strategies are equally important for maintaining ranking. One should try to maintain balance between both strategies.

SEO Strategies for 2016-2017

Nowadays, SEO is playing a major role in online industry. Almost every company attempts to reach wider audience through a website. Some of the best Search Engine Optimization strategies, which can efficiently boost up the ranking of website, are:
  • Make your site Super-fast
  • Create back links on popular sites
  • Produce in-depth content constantly
  • Promote site on social media
  • keep quality rather than quantity
  • Make use of long-tail Keywords also
  • Optimize your website for multiple search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • Learn upcoming Google Algorithm & updates
  • We have extracted fresh research data from Search metrics suite for analyzing the modification in Google search output. Various updates in digital marketing strategies as well have been reported in the study. We make sure to update our curriculum according to the latest and best Search Engine Optimization strategies including Google algorithms and other techniques.

Course Preview

1: Introduction to Social Media
2: Introduction to Social Media
3: Introduction to Social Media
4: Introduction to Social Media
5: Introduction to Social Media
6: Introduction to Social Media
7: Introduction to Social Media

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the job opportunities after completing SEO training certification course?

After completing the SEO training certification course, you have to appear in an exam. If you qualify the exam, you will be hired in our company. Otherwise, we will help you to improve and schedule your interview in three companies.

What are the benefits after SEO training course?

If you get qualified by SEO CLICK, you will be given opportunity to work on live projects. After this, you will get the job profile as Senior SEO with good salary package.

am B.Tech student and searching for a good job, is this SEO certification course helpful for me?

our best SEO training program can help you to find a job faster than anyone finds.

What are the different ways I can enhance my knowledge, skills and build my personality?

We assure to provide the best SEO training course and learning exposure through our live projects. It will definitely boost your technical skills..

Will I get any certificate after completing the SEO course?

Yes, we will provide you SEO training course certificate.

What would happen if I miss my class?

It will be rescheduled to another time as per your convenience. As well as we offer online classes also.

Will you provide any support even after completion of SEO course?

Yes, we do provide support of your project, if you need. We will provide online login detail of our student portal account. Your queries will be resolved by us.