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What are Keywords? What You Need to Know About Them in SEO 2020

Ashwani Tiwari | Modified: 2020-01-31T18:26:20+05:30 | SEO

:- In terms of SEO, keyword or a focus keyword is a word that describes the content of your page. It is a search term, that you want to rank for with a certain page, so when people search for the keywords or phrases in the search engine, they should find your page in the result.

In simple terms, keywords are the words & phrases people type in a search engine to find the answer. They help the search engine understand you.

How to use keywords:

Include your keyword in your title, Meta-description & content to help search engines understand your site for eg; see the implementation of the keyword “Organic dog food”.


These keywords also known as search query helps search engines to deliver the most accurate content.

Depending upon your buisness, you might target keywords such as,

  • Online Yoga Classes
  • Custom Printed T-shirt
  • Online Meditation Course
  • Fine Art Classes

Each of these queries explicitly calls what your business solves and when the people do not know your business exists, this is how they will find you.

So first, you need to identify, what will be those important phrases which will be your focus keyword. Secondly, you have to optimize your on-page SEO for those keywords.

This will ensure that your site is relevant + It is targeting the right people.

How do keywords works

keywords basically serve as the bridge between search engines & your website.

They take people who have a query, & pair them up with a website that answers the query.
More specifically:

Google identifies “what your website is about” with the help of keyword.
Nobody tells the search engine topic of your website instead they found your content using crawlers & analyze the content to figure out, which keywords are relevant to the page.

Let’s take an example of a custom t-shirt printing business
Mentioning the keyword “Custom T-shirt” on the page helps giving context to the website. Look at how they have scattered the keywords throughout the page:

keyword example tshirt

keywords example custom t-shirt 2

The crawler will take screenshots of the website & store it in the Custom T-shirt table of the database.

So next time when Custom t-shirt is searched, your website will be seen in the resultset.

keyword example custom-tshirt-search

The end result we get-

  1. The person searching got the right answer to your queries.
  2. The business owner gets another customer.

Why Role of Keywords in 2020 is different

Keywords always remain important because they are the linchpin between what people are searching for & the content you are providing. Without keyword, there will be no search engine marketing.

But technology is enhancing itself at a rapid pace, Google has changed its Algorithm & it no more support
keyword stuffing. The place of meta keyword is replaced by Focus keyword, which should be in heading, subheading, Image Alt Tag, content. Rankings will not depend upon meta description only. Now whole content together will be responsible for page-rank.

Along with it, the introduction of Artificial Intelligence has brought out machines like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, etc. To favor them, keywords are replaced by queries to provide better service to human.

alexa speech trial

How Keyword Signal Intent

The best thing about keywords is, that people are literally telling you what they want and all you need to do as a business owner is to provide them what they desire.

The main responsibility of a business owner is to understand who is his audience, & what they desire.

Different types of keyword signal different you can make sure, you are attracting the right kind of audience.

There are four kinds of keyword intent:

1. Commercial, or High, Intent

This type is also known as “buy now” intent. It signifies a very strong intention of the searcher to act, like to buy, to subscribe, to join, etc. Usually, these types of keywords contain the following modifier.

  • BUY(online)..,
  • Coupon(code)..,
  • Deals..,
  • Free shipping ..,

2. Informational Intent

As Its name suggests, the user wants to learn something new, selling something in informational intent is not a good idea, because the searcher is here to gather information about your can check intent by following modifier:

  • How to..,
  • Why..,
  • Best way to..,
  • History of..,
  • What means,

3. Transactional intent

In this, the searcher wants to buy the product & also read about the product. Yup, these queries can represent both the purpose of buy & also the purpose of reading about it. It contains modifier like

  • Review..,
  • Cheap..,
  • ….vs….,
  • Discount..,
  • Free..,
  • Top 10..,
  • Best.., etc.


4. Navigational Intent

In this type. Searcher already knows where to go, the brand name, the website to visit, the page to land on. For eg:

  • Facebook login,
  • eBay,
  • Inchoo,
  • Gmail,
  • Seoclicks, etc.



So know you know what keywords are & why are they important to your business. We have learned that keyword helps search engines pair the right people with the right websites.

Buy using the right keyword, you can tell the Search engine what is your business is all about, so search engine can display the snippets to your possible customer.

we have seen how rapid enhancement of technplogy going to affect the role of keywords in 2020.

We have also learned that different search engines have different intent, which are as follow:-

  • Commercial,
  • Informational,
  • Transactional,
  • Navigational.

Knowing which of the intent will suit your business will help you, choosing the right keyword.
So, this is all for know, lift your business with the upgiving details & keep enjoying it.

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