MS Excel Training Course

  • Basic Micrsoft Excel (20 hrs)
  • Microsoft Excel A-Z (40 hrs)
  • MS Excel Crash Course (14 hrs)
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel (20 hrs)
  • Microsoft Excel for Corporates
  • Excel VBA Automation (20 hrs)

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microsoft excel trainer jubith paloth

Jubith Paloth

Microsoft Excel Trainer


Jubith Paloth is a Microsoft Excel expert. He has an experience of 10+ years in the field of MIS and handled numerous projects in his career. Finding the shortest ways in Microsoft Excel make him unique. The way he shares his knowledge with real life scenario examples make him a great trainer.

"Microsoft Excel is like a hobby for me otherwise I would have been bored of working in Excel whole day" - Jubith Paloth

Advance MS Excel Course Overview

Our institute in Delhi offer advance MS Excel training course to its students. In this modern era, where techniques are playing crucial role, MS Excel skills help a user to manage multitasks at a simple pace. Advance MS Excel training course will help in learning creation of computerized worksheet, workbook, function, formulas, pivot table to access data sources, create format reports etc. After completing this advance course, the trainee will become an expert in functioning with MS Excel. In a simple word, this advance training course will teach students about the functions and features of MS Office Excel. After your completions of MS Excel training, we help our students in acquiring MS Excel jobs that suits our candidates’ requirement with an essential pay industry can offer.

About the Advance MS Excel Training Course

Microsoft introduced a computerized spreadsheet for Windows, Android, and iOS i.e., Microsoft Excel. This package application of Microsoft renders many useful features in it like auto-calculation, graphics tools, pivot table, and a macro programming language i.e., Visual Basic for Application. This Visual basic application is basically a code programming for manipulation in spreadsheet via Visual Basic Editor. Therefore, we provide a proper training to learn how to work with MS Excel application.

The institute makes its trainees an expert in Excel who not only will know the concepts of Excel but also knows the way to implement them. Not only an experienced person, but also a fresher can enroll in this training campus. However, before entering an our institute but trainee will have to clear a test that will be based on simple computer basics. This is elementary test that help our trainer to understand the computer knowledge level of students. Depending upon the computer basics knowledge, we provide practical plus theory teaching course on MS Excel. Following are the benefits of the course that one will gain after getting training from out institute:

Effective Way to Manage Data Analysis

With help of the training, one will be easily able to manage bulk amount of data within spreadsheet. This will allow a trainee to maintain a record of data in form of table that will make it easy to access and handle. Seoclick Advanced Excel training Institute is the Excel tutorial where you can find the solutions of all your Excel related problems. We provide the training on all the advance topics of MS Excel.

Become an Expert in MS Excel

We provide expertise and solutions in MS Excel training in Delhi and India. We seek to impart tailor made training as per your requirements. Our online courses facilitate e-learning, which is helpful for those who are seeking to polish their MS Excel skills whilst on job. We give the best support to candidates who join us for training in MS Excel.

After acquiring knowledge on MS Excel from our institute in Delhi and India a person will get an expert in accessing MS Excel. All possible information he/she will be having to access this spreadsheet and with trainee’s advance knowledge and skills they can became an expert too. MS Excel certificate will not only be added in trainee qualification list but, also will facilitate one in making a shining and bright career.

Great Career Opportunities

Nowadays most of the MNC companies are hiring employees who are having a brief knowledge on MS Excel. Therefore, trainees are having high chances to get selected in a big MNC and hence, establish a career. In addition, MS Excel training courses can help improve individual productivity by allowing tasks to be completed more efficiently. One will find out secrets to creating remarkable, eye-catching graphs and charts that don’t take hours to complete. One will learn some tips and shortcuts with a good MS Excel advance course that accurately saves hours from their workload every day.

Why Choose Us?

Our institute believes in providing more practical knowledge instead of giving theory concepts. Moreover, there are following aspects that make us different from others:
  • We provide practical knowledge on advance features of MS Excel
  • Trainees are provided with complete ways to create function
  • A session is conduct for trainees to resolve their queries
  • On weekends, we organize a special class for trainees who missed the classes or are having some doubts in any concepts.

Course Preview

1: Introduction to Social Media
2: Introduction to Social Media
3: Introduction to Social Media
4: Introduction to Social Media
5: Introduction to Social Media
6: Introduction to Social Media
7: Introduction to Social Media

Still have Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

What skills I need to have for getting MS Excel training in your institute?

A-None of the skills are required for getting training from our institute in Delhi. Our MS Excel courses start from basic level and thus you don’t need have any technical skills.

Is your website having the entire MS Excel training content?

Yes we update all our advance or latest courses content. We also share a tentative or schedule of our new course. Therefore, one can regularly check our site to examine the updates.

If I am not able to perform well in entrance exam, then will I be able to join your MS Excel training course?

Yes of course, you will be able to join our MS Excel training course without hesitation. The test we conduct is to understand the computer skills of a learner so that our lecturers can prepare their teaching plan in that way.

Will I give any certificate if I join the online Excel training classes?

Yes, we will give you online Excel training certificate.