PowerPoint Training Course

  • 25+ hrs. of e-learning
  • 25+ hrs. of e-learning
  • 25+ hrs. of e-learning
  • 25+ hrs. of e-learning

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PowerPoint Trainer

He is the certified PPT professional trainer with 5+ years of Overall Experience in PowerPoint.

He has almost 500+ project experience in PowerPoint presentation. Currently he is working with a notable MNC as a Manager.

PowerPoint Course Introduction

Microsoft has developed a computer program, which helps in creating slide show presentation for different purposes and this application is named as Microsoft PowerPoint. A user needs to have complete knowledge and understanding on how to make an attractive & presentable presentation with this application. Therefore, we are render training to people of Delhi and India for accessing PowerPoint. We create one of the best PPT experts among all. Our PowerPoint Training introduction course a Customized Curriculum comprised of presentation design, development, strategy, writing in addition to advanced PowerPoint techniques and methods. In a simple word, this course is designed by PowerPoint experts for students who want to become PowerPoint experts. After the completion of PPT introduction course, students will be able to create presentable presentation with photo album, diagrams, charts & tables, movie sound, voice description, etc. Moreover, we provide our trainee interview-based questions and training that will help them in their job or placement process.

About The PPT Training and Tutorials

Nowadays, PowerPoint is one of the most widely used presentation training program in Delhi and all our India. This application maintains a record of per page or slide. This slide may comprise of text (in different font size or style), graphics, sound, and other objects that are as a tool in Microsoft PowerPoint. The slides of presentation can be presented on the video projectors and also can be taken as printout for generating hard copy. Therefore, PowerPoint is a very useful application that helps in developing the slide-based presentation for business seminars, project presentation, official meetings, etc.

Students will get training from our institute, which will help them to kick start their career in several industries. After completion of PPT Training Tutorials, one will be able to survive in competitive job industries or any MNC companies. We also offer PowerPoint training trial classes each month this is a great way to sample our training. Our main motto is improving the presentation skills of students, aiding their means of communication and expression in an official environment. One can easily transform the PowerPoint interface to suit specific requirements and utilize its features for creating. Our PowerPoint classes in Delhi are just an example. We will make our trainee to understand real life needs and skills .we guide our students about PowerPoint presentation and support them becoming confident by sharing our experience. Following are the benefits provided by us to our students

Built Confidence While Presentation

We guarantee that our trainees will be able to build up their confidence level after getting trained in PPT training exercises. We are so sure about the same because we give both theory as well as the practical knowledge to our students on how to create a better presentation for different purposes (formal or informal). In addition, we provide tips on how to give an effective presentation in front of audience.

Create A Presentable Presentation

After acquiring knowledge from our PowerPoint institute in Delhi or India, a person will be able to design a presentable presentation for accomplishing their tasks. All the basics and latest concepts of PowerPoint will be covered in the lectures. Therefore, he/she might become a person who creates an attractive presentation for seminars, meetings, or anything else.

Great Career Opportunities

Everyone needs a placement after completing his/her PowerPoint training and its rights for anyone. Here we provide you the best assistance by conducting your interview with multiple companies for PowerPoint job in Delhi or India. Keep in your mind always, only your knowledge can help in getting good power point job and salary package, we can assist you by arranging interviews.

Nowadays, most of the MNC companies are in search of such employees who knows how to create an official presentation for meetings seminars, etc. In addition, one will be able to apply animation effects, photo formatting, converting linking object, and all other advance functioning with this slide show application. Therefore, trainees are having high chances to get selected in a big MNC and hence, establish a career.

Course Preview

1: Introduction to Social Media
2: Introduction to Social Media
3: Introduction to Social Media
4: Introduction to Social Media
5: Introduction to Social Media
6: Introduction to Social Media
7: Introduction to Social Media

Still have Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the qualification for joining your PowerPoint training course?

A person who is having a little bit knowledge about the computer can be part of our PowerPoint training course in Delhi or India. Therefore, no qualification is required for joining our course.

What is the minimum time duration of PPT training course?

We provide notes either in hard copy or soft copy and apart from that we provide some credentials to our trainees. These credentials are for those who have completed their course from our institute and can contact to our lecturer in future.

What is the minimum time duration of PPT training course?

According to the lecture plan, the course will be finished in 1 month. Moreover, if something went wrong (due to some reasons) in this plan, then we would extend the classes as per need.

After course completion, will you provide any PowerPoint course certification?

No, after completion of course, we will provide only some study material and credentials so that students remain connected with us in future.