An Inconsistency Was Encountered On The Storage Media

Originally the error message will look like this:

SOLUTION: This error can get fixed easily with the help of BKF recovery software. The tool is capable of fixing this error without affecting the information stored in backup file. Not only this but, all other errors of Windows backup file can get fixed with the help of this tool.

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Error Cause

An inconsistency was encountered on the storage media”- This error message occurs when NTBackup.exe utility fails to read BKF file. Why NTBackup.exe fails to read BKF file? When a BKF file is appended multiple times then, NTBackup fails to read it and throws the above mentioned error message.


Every time a backup file gets appended, it creates a new internal format for storage of added database. When multiple internal formats get created for added databases in BKF file, NTBackup utility fails to read BKF, and this inconsistency error occurs.

Error Symptoms

Each time, you will try to restore BKF file, your NTBackup will throw this An inconsistency was encountered on the storage mediaerror message and will abort the restoration process. Database stored in your backup file will become inaccessible after occurring of this error.

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