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Are you looking forward for a solution for how to get trained on the new programming language PYTHON ?? Is your son or daughter studying in class 11th and planning to take the new option of PYTHON over C ++ language ?? Are you worried because of the unavailability of experts to train your children in the new computer language introduced? - All your worries can be now solved easily because SEOCLICK Solutions are here with the tuition classes provided for class 11th and 12th students.

  • Expert tutors to guide students about details of PYTHON Language
  • Limited entry so that successful training for the deserving students can be given
  • Practical provided time to time to make  students thorough about the language
  • Exams and revisions conducted to ensure the quality of learning process

If You Are Interested to Know More About PYTHON
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Yes, SEOCLICK solutions never limits the possibilities of learning so itself the coaching classes for the newly introduced PHYTON language in CBSE Syllabus is not only for the class 11th or 12th students it is also opened for the parents, teachers and other interested professionals from different folks of life. Python can be a highly helpful language in the coming days as it let users work quicker and integrate the related systems much effectively than the established type of C & C ++ languages - so hurry up book your entry and start knowing more about PYTHON from the experts in the industry. For more details regarding the timing, fees and availability of trainers contact us now.

Learn PYTHON from the experts in the industry and gain more confidence to face the coming class 11th exams.

We Provide Training for Complete Computer Science Syllabus:

Computer Science Class XI for session 2013 – 14

With C++ as a language option With Python as a language option
Unit I Computer Fundamentals Unit I Computer Fundamentals
Unit II Introduction to C++ Unit II Programming Methodology
Unit III Programming Methodology Unit III Introduction to Python
Unit IV Programming in C++ Unit IV Programming in Python


Computer Science Class XII for session 2014 – 15

  With C++ as a language option   With Python as a language option
Unit I Object Oriented
Programming in C++
Unit I Programming with Python
Unit II Data Structures Unit II Object Oriented
Programming with Python
Unit III Database Management System and SQL Unit III Databases and SQL
Unit IV Boolean Algebra Unit IV Boolean Algebra
Unit V Networking and Open
Source Software
Unit V Communication Technologies

Fee Structure and Course Duration for the Python Training

We provide tuition classes for the entire CBSE Computer Science syllabus and provide special practical sessions for the PYTHON training. For the entire course that is meant to coach and train students to capture all the topic of computer science syllabus and allow them face the competitive exams with ease. Our area of concentration is Python training for the aspiring students and teachers but we offer the provision to train students on the computer science syllabus as a whole.

Fee Structure and Timings:
If you book your seat before June 1st 2013 the fees you have to pay is Rs. 2000 only for the entire schedule of coaching and if the entry is confirmed after June 1st then the payment will be Rs. 3000. Timing for the coaching is on every weekend and after the completion of syllabus review, practical and revision session will be conducted time to time.

Saturday & Sunday

Hurry! Limited seats… we follow the policy of first come first serve... so be in the first batch to know and explore the unending possibilities of understanding new computer language, Python!

Python Training to Resolve Parent's Concern over Changed Class 11th & 12th CBSE Syllabus

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Python Training
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