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Thunderbird Store Locator

"Don't want to waste time in locating and backing up Thunderbird Mailbox manually?"

Try Thunderbird Store Locator software. The software provides facility to locate Thunderbird Mailbox folders and also provides facility to backup them to desired location with just one click.

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Many Needs and One Solution to Locate Thunderbird Folders
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Why you and other users raise the need to Locate and Backup Thunderbird Mailbox? By default all applications get installed and save their database in hard drive (usually C: /Drive), so as Thunderbird, it also gets installed and store its database in hard drive by default.

Storage Space Issues With Hard Drive

As the hard drive get used for default installation and default database storage of all programs, users usually get the requirement to organize them for proper functioning of installed programs and for making space for new programs. Because of this low space issues only, Thunderbird users also get the need to locate and backup Thunderbird mailbox database to other drives, so that, after completing backup, they can delete mailbox folders from hard drive location. The mailbox database consumes GBs of space and by backing it up to some other location, user can also free up GBs of space.

Know Where to Locate Thunderbird Profile Folder Manually

%USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\XXXXXXXX.default\Mail\

At this location you can find database of all folders of your Thunderbird Mailbox but, remember you have to enable the showing of hidden folders in Windows settings before finding this location because Application folder is a hidden folder.

Solution to Locate Thunderbird Email Files with Just One Click

As discussed above, Thunderbird Store Locator software can help you locate and back up Thunderbird mailbox in just one click. The software does half of its work automatically, when you initialize it, it automatically locates the mailbox folders of Thunderbird. All local folders which will be open in your Thunderbird, it will show all of them just after initialization.

On the same screen, it will also give you a copy option, so that, you can copy the mailbox folders to desired location directly from there. After performing all these actions, you can also create a log sheet in CSV file with details of all the actions that you have done.

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