Know What is My IP Address — With FREE IP Viewer

SEOCLICK released a desktop tool called Show My IP to help users or professionals to have a answer for following queries:show my ip address

  • What is my IP address
  • Show my IP address on my desktop computer
  • Check my IP Address over public internet
  • Get my IP Address provided by ISP
  • Extract my IP Address on the web
  • Find my IP Address for my router
  • View my IP Address on this computer or whatever

SEOCLICK Show My IP is a FREE desktop utility to check out the IP address universally over public internet through any devices (Desktop computer, mobile, laptop, palmtop etc). What is my IP tool is specialized software to help users doing SEO forum posting, blog posting, article posting, press release etc. Software shows IP address on desktop and allows SEO professionals to change IP Address or switch to another internet connection so as to safeguard against IP banning in forums while doing continuous forum posting etc.

Users can get this IP viewer tool free of cost and easily check the IP address provided by ISP.

Get Free Show My IP Software to track and find your IP address Updated on 29 September 2011

What is an IP Address (Internet Protocol)

IP address is a unique number assigned by ISPs (Internet Service Provider) to easily find out the any devices address flowing over public internet. An IP address is consist of 4 numeric digits which are separated by period operator (.) also called dot. An IP address looks like

There are two types of IP address: Static IP address and Dynamic IP address.  If users have the static IP address then they don’t need to check out it again and again but when we talk is dynamic IP address (Automatically changed by DHCP Server), you usually have the problem to find your IP address. For that, you need a free Show my IP tool which is SEOCLICK SHOW My IP. Best IP checker software to reply on what is my IP address query.

How to Find Your IP Address using SEOCLICK Show My IP

One click IP address extractor utility, just follow the easy and simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Download the SEOCLICK Show My IP software
  2. Run and click Show My IP Address button
  3. Now Know what is your IP Address for this computer

Key Features of SEOCLICK Show MY IP FREE Tool

This Free IP viewer software is feature enriched tool that has easy to use GUI and one click extraction technique to reveal my IP address in seconds. The utility is based on internet connection and reveal IP address availability on Internet. This Free whats my IP tool is consisting of following handy feature-set:

  • Show my IP address in fraction of time
  • Platform independent tool
  • Automatically find out the IP address on Desktop
  • NO ISP instructions required
  • Works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows & and all earlier Windows versions

Appex Quality Show MY IP software by SEO CLICK to extract, check, track, find, view, reveal and get what is your IP address on desktop, server or any device.

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